"From the first time I ever drove along it, I've been in love with Highway 2," said the late Charles Kuralt in the opening line of his take on Highway 2 – the Sandhills Journey Scenic Byway. Kuralt, of course, was famous for his "On the Road" television segment, taking the nation's back roads in search of America's people. You can listen to Kuralt's take on the byway by clicking here.

Kuralt's take is the first track of a complete audio tour of the byway. You can download the entire audio tour below. The introduction, however, is available for you to sample here.

To download the entire audio tour (65.3MB archive file that expands to 75.8MB), click (or right-click) here.


Winter in Nebraska brings a lot of challenges.  Follow the Bartaks, ranchers from the small sandhills community of Anselmo, as they take on Mother Nature with a cattle drive, calving and tagging and fixing.  Click here to view Episode 1 in the YouTube video series, "Growing Season".


The well-known cowboy poet Baxter Black has recorded several radio commercials for the byway. They are quick and fun! Listen to each by clicking here, here, here and here.

For a great overview of the byway, check out the two videos of the Sandhills Journey Scenic Byway below. The first is a narrated slide show and the second is a narrated video.